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The 1000-3000-5000 series blades are built with the adhesives used in most of mass production blades


In the production of these series , 3 different adhesives and 2 different epoxies are used according to the blade particularities.


Thanks to the adhesives used , they have a flexible and sensitive structure.


The flexilibity unit is 7-8-9 mm.


1000-3000-5000series blades are produced by pressing one by one with the spot press system we have developed.

With this system , the cavity between the wood layers is minimized and the adhesive between the layers is evenly distributed.


In 1000-3000-5000 series blades ,the wood layers are cut larger than the blade form before manufacturing ; afterwards the blade's edge form is shaped by the molded sanding machine.

This method ensures that the wood layers are not affeced by the impact and vibrations that may arise during cutting an milling

The edges of A&O blades are insulated to prevent the damage caused by the humidity and the sweat of the hand . Thanks to this method and the A&O blades ' moisture- proof feature the performance and the sound do not change during use.

On request ,by removing the badge on the handle, 1,2 or 3 painted lead weights can be added to the empty section and the blade's center of gravity can be shifted towards the handle by 5mm , 10 mm or 15mm.


Two dowels are used to assembly the head and the handle of the blade.

With this assembly method , it is ensured that the blade's medium layer vibrations are transmitted to the handle.

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