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Designed as an alternative to the 1007 classical penhold blade the 1009 is used at the level of the arm as in shakehand grip thanks to the inclined structure of the handle.

1009 is a Japanese style penhold blade.

The lenght of the handle is 82 mm.

We build penhold model in all A&O blades on request

The heads are built in medium and large sizes, the handles in small,medium and large sizes on request.


1009  BLADE 

1009 allround is a slow blade built with medium hard wood layers selected according to its properties.

The weight is between 70-85 gr.

The thickness is between 5,5-6 mm.

The flexibility unit is 6-7 mm.


Plies                                               5

                           limba,balsa ,ayous

Flexibility                               6-7 mm

Thickness                          5,5-6 mm

Head sıze                    medium,large

Type                                     allround

Weight                                 70-85 gr

Handle size         smal,medium,large

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