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5004 OFFENSIVE ( 85 euro )

  Offensive is a fast and highly controlled blade due to the  hard wood layers and epoxy combination used in production.

The aramid carbon  fabric and epoxy applied on the middle layer create a hardness and a homogeneous structure on the surface.


The heads are built in small medium and large sizes, the handles are built in small,medium and large sizes.


Plies                     (  5 +2 ) ( 7+2 )

The thickness is  6 mm. (+ - 0,3 )

The flexibility unit is 5-6 mm.


Plies                                            7+2 

                                      limba ,ayous

Flexibility                              4-5  mm

Thickness                           6-6,5 mm

Head sıze           small,medium,large

Type                                    offensive 

Weight                                 80- 95 gr

Handle size         small,medium,large

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