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2002  HANDLE
 2002-1  HANDLE

In multi-purpose mass production blades the handles are symmetrical in order to rotate them during the game.

For players who use the blade without rotating it during the game, the corner details of the straight-angled section of the handle and rubber joint have some disadvantages.

This model is designed as an alternative for the players who use the classic handle models without rotating them.Angled straight cut of the upper part of the handle is suitable for thumb and forefinger grip angles.It is designed and manufactured to increase the contact of the hand with the upper part of the handle and provide comfortable grip.

This handle model which can be used with right or left hand has the same thickness and angle form and is symmetrical in both..

This model is built in flared and straight handles; the sizes are the same. The blade's handle and rubber joint top anglr cut is different.

 2002-2  HANDLE

The difference between 2002-2 from 2002-1 is the expansion in the upper section of the handle.In this way the sharpness of the edge surfaces in the upper corner joints of the blade is softened, and more contact area and more comfortable grip are provided for the hand.

This handle model is applied in straight and flared models and it is built in classic handle sizes.

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